#PKyvr33 Day 2: Initial Notes #WOLyo!

I am presenting a pecha kucha about working out loud (and on presenting 10 pecha kucha in a week) at Pecha Kucha Vancouver Ed. 33.  This is the share of how it happens, laid out to be seen. You are welcome.

I am using #PKyvr33 as a collation / curation tool.

I get complexity and emergence. Really smart people can explain complexity and emergence. Me? I just get it. I work that way. I dip a toe; I iterate. I try things out. I fail (and slough it off like a snake’s skin.) This blog is my mechanism to deal with complexity and its synthesis. I learned from Harold Jarche that you don’t need to always be writing new stuff, it is often better to rework your IP, iterate and synthesise, look for new fertility on known ground.

Here are a few things I have been talking about recently that resonate on the topic of WOLyo!, that I think might work well in a pecha kucha presentation (where things have to be understand almost instinctively as each 20 second beat passes).

1. Donald Rumsfeld’s ‘unknowns unknowns’ – there is genius in this military strategy review. It sounded really stupid at the time, but emergence comes from the confluence of the known and unknown.

2. #unSquirrel, of course. This is my schtick.

3. P2PI wrote the other day:

Each of these curious moments, and the millions of others available, are personal. This is toe-to-toe (competition); (seeing) eye-to-eye; hand-to-hand (combat); mouth-to-mouth (resuscitation); heart-to-heart (conversation); this is human-to-human.

I like the physicality of this. I wonder if I can impart that feeling on the audience?

skin in the game but none off my nose
skin in the game but none off my nose

4. Skin, two ways. Today, I commented on a post by Austen Hunter about putting:

skin in the game, but no skin off my nose.

This is another physical play I like, about committing to something, but wearing it lightly.

The process is underway. Tomorrow I will think about context for people who don’t understand WOL, and how they will in 20-40 seconds. Hmmmm.

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