A Manifesto For The Social Age: Throw At Wall, See What Sticks (beta v.1)

My goal is to create a manifesto for the social age, a guide for behaviour and action. The first stage in synthesizing my thought processes into a sharable design meme was to copy and paste the TMWK Manifesto, and begin stripping it down. … Continue reading A Manifesto For The Social Age: Throw At Wall, See What Sticks (beta v.1)

You Fiendish Child! Letting The Kids Cut Through Workplace Bullshit

I often used to annoy my mum with my ‘cleverness’ – y’know, glib responses to important questions, portraying her 40-odd years of experience had nothing on a random school playground conversation with a friend.  Very annoying, especially when I was right! “Aaaah, you fiendish child!” she would often retort. It is a term that often now comes to mind when my eldest, Lola, tries on her all-knowingness routine. What goes around, comes around. — When I think about issues and opportunities arising from the discussion around social business and technology and the changing nature of work, I keep searching for something supremely, … Continue reading You Fiendish Child! Letting The Kids Cut Through Workplace Bullshit

#PKyvr33 Day 15: Me And Us. Us Is More Important.

Following on from yesterday’s post about Duarte’s ‘what is…’, ‘what could be…’ presentation rhythm, I moved a few slides around and think I have a decent rhythm that balances the content between me – what I did – and us – what is going on in the world. I see that some of the narrative is about me – what I did, working out loud. And some of the slides are about what is possible – explanation, opportunity, invitation. This is the meat on the bone, what I hope some people take away. This is about us. It goes something … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 15: Me And Us. Us Is More Important.

#PKyvr33 Day 14: What Is…What Could Be…

I saw a tweet this week that the presentation pioneer Nancy Duarte practiced over 200 hours to prepare her TED Talk, of 18 minutes. That, friends, is commitment, perhaps not surprising for someone with real professional skin in the game but it made me think: I wish all presenters invested even a small percentage of that intent into their presentations.   “@mkrigsman: Preparing for TED talk, @nancyduarte spend 200 hours and 38 hours rehearsing for 18 min talk. #cxotalk” #PKyvr33 #WOLyo! — Jonathan Anthony (@ThisMuchWeKnow) June 28, 2014 I know it is only 400 seconds of people’s time, but hey, … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 14: What Is…What Could Be…

#PKyvr33 Day 11: Visuals

When it comes to visuals, giant full-screen images with a large transparent overlay and capitalized headers seems to be the order of the day. Pecha Kucha is maybe 60% visual(?) so I should spend quality time on getting the right set together, and determine any rhythm I want to insert into proceedings. At work we have been doing some rebranding work, and are iterating a common approach so all our powerpoint users can update their decks, so I have been looking at 100s of design ideas recently. In my own amateur, beta works it is a bit more hit and … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 11: Visuals

#PKyvr33 Day 8: Creating A Memory Or Three

One of the pecha kuchas presentations I gave under the stairs was The Power of 3: that when you present, the best you can hope for is that people might remember three things you have to offer; that if you break down the flow into threes, there is a rhythm – a chunking process – that allows your audience to record data into their short-term memory. So, a pecha kucha with 20 slides, with the opportunity to share 20 points, with 20 images…what are the few chunks I hope others record? What would I hope that people take forward as … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 8: Creating A Memory Or Three

#PKyvr33 Day 6: Just How Meta Can I Get? #WOLweek #WOLyo

Somehow, during #PKyvr33, I want to get this idea across, because I both like and despise how meta I get sometimes… This is a (pecha kucha) PK about my (working out loud experiment) WOLyo which included PKs, including one on PK; and one on WOL. Additionally, this PK was built using WOL (#PKyvr33) Is the idea that I have cubed the process? Or has WOL eaten itself? ←This Much We Know.→ Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 6: Just How Meta Can I Get? #WOLweek #WOLyo