Designing A Visual Manifesto (Poorly): A Perpetual Beta Challenge

A few posts into this blog, writing whatever came to mind, I realised there were a few themes emerging. I quickly (beta) synthesized these down and shared the This Much We Know Manifesto (of sorts).

The manifesto acts as a guidance / checklist to my input-output process. If I am orienting around the manifesto, I usually like the content! The best manifestos are that simple to follow and expedite.

More than a year later, it seems a good time to revisit and reorient. I have written about other, powerful manifestos and recently found this great resource of designed manifestos to feast on.

So, over the next few posts, a reworked manifesto that tries to simplify and visualise the social age. As the most amateur of technical designers, this is a challenge I enjoy and fail at every time. Wish me luck.

←This Much We Know.→

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