Dis!Organize Ep. 30: Creativity is a Killer App.

Everything around change should start with curiosity:

  • Who are we?
  • How did we get here?
  • Where are we heading?
  • Are there other options for us?
  • Oooh! What’s that?
  • Tell me more!

Curiosity is the base ingredient for learning; which, as our kids showcase to us daily, is the critical component of adaptability, growth, change and potentiality.

Now, add in some confidence and you have a winning recipe. A confidence that says, 

  • I think I can move forward
  • Progress is in my control
  • I have options here
  • I can add value

(it’s not about ego and being right and better than everyone else.)

Confidence + curiosity = creativity

And creativity is about the only thing currently holding back our killer robot overlords.

Be creative. Be confident. Be curious. 

This is the disorganizer’s credo.

This Much We Know.

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