COVID19 Diaries: Week 7

Serendipity Attack!

I was invited to a webinar using the Hopin video tool – similar to Zoom. The webinar itself failed miserably due to wifi connectivity issues of the presenter, but there was a happy, serendipitous interlude while they tried to rectify the connection.

We were invited into a virtual antechamber and thereafter into a 3-minute timed one-to-one meeting with another random attendee. After the 3-minute interlude, we were placed back into the antechamber to await another meeting. After the second visitation, I had worked out how to say: “Hi!, name, location, connective tissue to the event;” and ask a good question.

It was high stim, surprising, collegiate and kind. Nothing different to what is possible at a IRL event, but I enjoyed the element of surprise – you got who you got – and everyone has a story to tell.

Delivery Drivers Required!

In isolation, we resolved to finish off some minor improvements to the kids’ rooms. Everyone curated their own requirements on the Ikea website. Then we discovered they had closed completely, not even click and collect. The only order option was for the products to be delivered. In 5 weeks time.

The kids were downbeat; we were surprised that such a well oiled machine like Ikea were unable to scale. First world problems for sure, but the pandemic makes us reevaluate the strength of the brands we believe in.

Eggs is eggs

I hear about the mountains of food waste building because restaurants are closed and the market is imperfect in its response. Apparently, butter is at a 25-year price low wholesale. Milk is being washed away. No one told the chickens. Eggs are at a premium – most of our local stores have a dozen limit. That will get us through about 2 days max in our house. As my family is oft annoyed hearing me say: “Eggs is eggs.”

We have resorted to multiple stop off walks to get a week’s worth of stock. Otherwise, we are wallowing in our Costco craziness of supplies and ensconced in our lair, breathing only recycled air and researching prepper websites.

Expertise: Procrastination

I have an enviable reputation of putting things to one side; and only quasi picking the topic up ever again. It comes from a highly stimulated creative brain (“What if…!”) attached to the lazy hands of a dandy flaneur (“Manana, manana!”).

When I left my last job I made a claim that I would finish the book of ideas I have been noodling on for 5+ years. Then I got another job that required my complete focus. Now that has ended, I have no excuse. But it sits there, almost ready to go but not quite. This week I am getting ever closer to producing a product via video. I have downloaded some apps to assist in the production process. But still, not quite, not there. It will happen next week, for sure!

Care Home oxymoron

I follow the COVD19 stats with intensity. I want to be coherent in my understanding of flattening the curve. One thing that stands out currently is the poor state of care home stats – 79% of Canadian deaths are therein related. I hope that everyone now sees the importance of the role of carers, and their training, pay and standing is improved appropriately once we are able to breathe and reflect as a society.

But, my word, what a sad state the care sector is in with COVID. Care homes residents have yet to be regularly tested; the army has been called in to support in Quebec; in the UK only today did they add the care home death stats to the overall COVID fatality numbers! It is as if this whole sector of the community has been made invisible, dispensable. 

Until next week,

This Much We Know.

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