Commit To Something, Remain Open To Change

jarche1Let’s talk about commitment. It’s tough. There are so many temptations! Something shinier, newer, more exotic, cooler.

Standing for SOMETHING asks a lot. But we all need a place to stand. A place to call home, at least for the night.

I have been enjoying reading the excellent e-book from Harold Jarche ($25 from an ebookshop near you!)

Jarche, in his own approach to work, is living out this search in real time. His is a search for perpetual beta and this is beautifully, subtly captured in the book’s intro:

Beta is more thajarche2n Alpha, as you have to affirm to principles and actually commit to something, while remaining open to change.

Yes. Take a stand, but do not get stuck. Constantly challenge your own assumptions, Jarche adds in an interior chapter. This is preparedness for life. The book is excellent, as any fan of Jarche would expect. Highly recommended reading if you want to be ready, if you want some beta in your life!

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