Time To Hire (Again).

Here we go again! The hiring season is upon us. Another member of the team moves to Alumni status as they develop their career in a new, positive direction.

As it dovetails with the end of year, I become quite reflective: what does it mean to work here? What value can we add to a colleague, how can we activate another’s passion (unfulfilled)?

What can we offer the next journeyer through the team? I take this work seriously. It is the only way I can call myself a leader, rather than a manager. I have an accountability to create a place of learning and growth.

I choose not to make that place comfortable though. Comfort is for another workplace, a different time of life. Today, here, we need some hustle, and some flow.

I am optimist by nature. I expect to find that perfect partner. I have been successful at it so far. Employ people who are better than you, right?

You are out there in Vancouver, looking for something but not quite sure what it is. You know you are good, but that you can be better, more. You have not yet found a place to unfurl, a place of fecundity. Well, we are over here, waving.

We are good people who work hard to deliver on our promises to each other and our stakeholders. We focus on the work (it is always about the work). And we are going places, we are making things happen, together.

You can make us better.

←This Much We Know.→

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