I Am Happy I Did It – 2015

Simple pleasures, this time.

  1. Recommitted to my job. I have done this a few times over the last 8+ years. There is an ebb and flow to work – I am on my third or fourth tide.
  2. We painted a wall in my house as a whiteboard and gave the kids whiteboard markers. The results are the definition of ‘all that is good about children.’
  3. We renewed our ski passes, and as soon as it snowed, we skied. Unlike last year, when it didn’t snow, and we didn’t ski once!
  4. I started to repatriate my vinyl from UK; and bought a Bluetooth speaker to play music around the house and dance with the kids.
  5. Listened to a lot of Kendrick (again); Beck; Sufjan Stevens; noir jazz; deep house. Music keeps me creatively vital.
  6. I visited my Dad’s grave with my Mum.
  7. Tried new work practices – a hackathon, Working Out Loud circle, building my network locally. All tricky, slightly unnatural, all learning opportunities.
  8. Gave up sweets for roughly 6 months. Proved I can control myself pretty easily. Need a new challenge in 2016.
  9. Zoe started school. We got through the first tranche of childhood with the kids without too many issues!
  10. I started swimming again, and kept a quite decent routine. I feel stronger.


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