Platitude Attack!

Working in a living, breathing team, one which really is the sum of its parts, creates its own (wonderful) set of <—tensions—>.

We are currently closing out 2015 planning, and aligning everyone’s goals, interests and modalities is never a finished process.

How do we value each other, what motivates and inspires? How do we connect and commune?

My current, go-to set of phrases include:

Focus on what motivates you and where you can do your best work. The outcomes will take care of itself.

In a high trust environment, self-manage yourself. You will get it right most of the time.

If you need help, ask. Otherwise, make decisions for yourself and get on with the work.

Your own ideas are probably the best ones. Trust that you will deliver the business value required.

It is not clear to me whether these are motivating. I was reminded of a great little G+ list of no-go-to motivational phrases from Kevin Jones. Are you ready to take this to the next level? Gag.

It is quite probable that I make the team nauseous with the gratuitous regurgitation of these platitudes but it is the realistic best I can do, mainly because they are authentic to how I see the world shaping up.

We have to take some chances, we have to trust our network, and we have to keep moving ahead (fast, meanderingly, in all directions).

←This Much We Know.→



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