Mostly, You Should Try To Self-Manage. Advice To Myself.

Harold Jarche is one my favourite writers about the (emergent) nature of work. A recent summary of the state of management truly captures my approach to “management”.

I shared this with my team. There is no magnanimity to it. This is about unlocking value, starting with my own. I try to get out of the way of the talent I am lucky enough to work with.


Mostly, you should try to self-manage. Make decisions that work for you and the team.

Recognise that, often, your role, experience, and understanding will direct certain projects your way; and if you don’t like the work, think about upgrading your skills, ask for more / different.

But the recent investor project, and the website project, show how leadership can ebb and flow. Different people become servants / leaders as required by the needs of the work to be done right.

Content marketing is another one where each of us has an opportunity to LEAD. Harness the collective power of the team, but look to stamp your authority and talent on some work.

As “Director”, I know how certain organizational politics work, I know how to push forward and how to defend; I am happy to be accountable for the team, as required. I will assist / counsel / direct, as required/requested.

But as Jarche says:

“A flattened hierarchy requires less command and control. Self-managed teams require fewer external directives. Transparency eliminates the need for most control mechanisms. A world without bosses is possible.”


Of course, this is advice to myself.

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