This One’s For The Ladeez: Make Your Unknown Known

A network contact of mine read my end of year reflection on blogging 212 times and shared with me her own reflection:

You blog, like I write in my journal. I never saw a similarity in the two before until I read your post. Interesting.

I’ve never wanted to blog…but now I’m intrigued.

And I agree – intent matter. Kudos to you for “picking yourself” to keep showing up, and to communicate this in a relatively ego-less way.  – I don’t know how else to write that, but I mean you didn’t come across arrogant or selfish. Something we ladies are often concerned with *right or wrong*

This made me sad and reflective. When I think of the incredible gifts people have, wow…how much potential are we missing by people acting on the beliefs of others rather than their own possibility?

So, these three thoughts are for you.

1. Famous to 15 people…is all you need.

That can be enough. That can be your gift made manifest. That can be your network, your (thought) family, your kith and kin. Don’t change the world. Change the world of someone.


2. Keep going, for your own sake. It might be enough.


3. “Success” is irrelevant. Make your unknown known.

Via @Brainpickings:

Rousseau manages to embody Georgia O’Keeffe’s credo that “whether you succeed or not is irrelevant… making your unknown known is the important thing” – he continues to paint, to study nature, and to rejoice in the process itself.

←This Much We Know.→


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