Hotmail Hiring (Note: NOT Auditioning Male Strippers)

We are currently hiring a Communications Coordinator in Vancouver. I asked HR to see every resume and cover letter so that I have the full picture of the range of candidates. It is an interesting, fairly sobering process.

There is a bunch of things we are looking for, not least intent, capacity, and a maturing social/online brand presence.

With many resumes to review, what is the easiest short cut to take? Check for hotmail accounts.

Yes, I know it is ridiculous and arbitrary. But it speaks to truth – in a fast changing design, culture, technology landscape, if you stick to old paradigms, we make some assumptions. Sorry.

Times New Roman all over that resume thing? Ouch. (At least there has been no Comic Sans, yet.) LinkedIn profile with no avatar (or no LinkedIn profile at all)? Shame on you! Lack of basic grammar check (for a Comms position)? WTF.


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