I (Re)learned One Thing From Writing 212 Blog Posts In 2014

I met another person recently who repeated back to me the sentence I used for years about showing up: “I would love to blog but I just don’t have the time…” I gagged slightly, I said nothing.

WordPress informed me yesterday that I wrote 211 blog posts this year (this one makes it 212). 198 the year before (from March – December). 410 posts in about 700 days since I made a commitment to myself to show up, to speak my mind, to try things out, to see what happens.


I have learned one two things so far from showing up:

I don’t know much, and I realise afresh each day that there is more and more that I don’t know.

AND! (there should always be an and…)

I am getting better at knowing stuff and synthesizing stuff and using stuff – for good!

Without permission, I pick myself. To have a view, to form an opinion, to learn a new one, to keep showing up. It might not mean doing so again here 200 times in 2015. The numbers don’t matter, the intent does.

Here’s to more messing around and showing up in 2015.

←This Much We Know.→

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