Turning Ourselves Inside Out: A #WOLWeek Reflection

It has been a good week, a contentious week, provoking. Working Out Loud is not supposed to be easy – if it were, there would be no need for a #Hashtag or for a ‘movement.’

Today I watched another inspiring Shots of Awe video, about the human imagination


and it reminded me again of why we work out loud. We need to take what we have on the inside – our hopes and dreams, our knowledge and our insights, our beliefs and our values – and bring them to the world, because (note-to-self time!) we CANNOT DO IT ALONE.

Humans have managed, through technology, to overcome the limitations of themselves as things, as animals, they have managed to transcend, to bring into being their thoughts and ideas. We have turned ourselves inside out.

So what happens in another inside – inside the organization? Here, usually, we internalize and reflect, we look to the organism itself to produce and succeed. We do not take the inside to the outside. We believe it is our mandate to do it ourselves.

But this is what our global, organic network is there to do – to spread our ideas, to connect nodes that drive new outcomes, to amplify our options and our voices. The network is there to help. What a gift.

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