Want To Know About Personal Branding? Step Right This Way…

I closed out 2013 with a series of posts on personal branding and the BrandBoard process we excel at here at TMWK. To welcome the new year, here is a quick review of the content.

It’s Me > You Every Time

It starts with you. How you define yourself is the most important thing – more important than how other people define you. You own your brand.

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Do You Have A Head-Heart-Hand Brand?

We cannot be all things to all people. Don’t try it. Focus on where you make the difference. We find that most people have a tendency toward either a thinking, feeling, or doing brand. What is yours?

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“This Is How I Make The Difference.”

The BrandBoard helps you distill your brand essence. It cuts through the crap, it shows your brilliance. Promise.

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What’s Going On In That Brain?

Neurology advances have brought much greater understanding in how we act and make decisions. We can test that out for you (a little). Especially good for teams. Find out…

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What Does Google Have To Say About You?

How you show up in person is most important, but people will already have a sense of you by asking Dr. Google. We have an app for that.

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Do You Have A Personality? Whao. Indeed, You Do.

There are a schwack of personality tests out there with the backing of decades of research. Let’s leverage them in your brand.

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All Accountants Are Analytical, Right?

We need to move beyond obvious descriptors for how we show up. We need more data to work with. Some of it should be crazy.

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360 Is 180 Too Many

We want lots of inputs from other people, to see if they agree with our own brand. But we want it all to be GREAT feedback. No complaining!

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The End Game – Me, More.

Once we have all the data, we need an output (other than the beautiful BrandBoard). We need your brand, defined. There is work to do, people!

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My BrandBoard
My BrandBoard

There is a bunch more posts about personal branding on the site:

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