7 Ways Working Out Loud Can Get You Hired!

I like these kinds of articles about hiring best practice. If you are undertaking hiring interviews, explains Fast Co., ask questions relating to these seven topics: grit, rigour, impact, teamwork, ownership, curiosity, and polish (not Polish, as I first thought…)

All good ideas. I realized, too, that many of the personal work and learning activities which have drawn my attention over the last few years are highly relevant to exhibiting these attributes. None more so than working out loud.

Grit: tenacity and resilience.

Well, working out loud is nothing if not dealing with failure! The authentic, open conversation about how works gets done, how it can be improved and what we learned from failure are pivotal to breakthrough behavior and learning. This blog is full of failures, written optimistically!

Rigour: data, meaning from evidence.

Working out loud openly solicits learning and feedback from others. Most importantly, for me at least, is the cathartic act of writing and reflecting for myself. As I ponder and share, I see how I can get better. Others add their voice, their examples. A great example of this is the Yammer customer network – thousands of common travelers, sharing their stories, supporting one another, allowing me to build on their data for my organizational purposes.

Impact: making a difference.

I have received more “Thanks!” by working out loud than by doing any “real work”! Being visible allows others to connect and ask for help. As I often say here, the most profound part of developing a personal brand is so you can say “This is how I can help. How can I help?Sharing your learning and your knowledge is a gift to the world.

Teamwork: EQ and managing different styles

How do you know others? How do they know you? Through your expertise and knowledge, or through your attitudes and behaviours, through your availability and your commitment to them as individuals and colleagues? There is not much to discover about me that is not here, on the blog, or on the work social network – I like what I like, I share what I know, I am available to participate, openly and without prescription. “There are no dark corners in organizations anymore,” the article cites. Exactly.

Ownership: we are in this together.

Working out loud is about learning and/from failure, probably more than anything else.  The willingness to share the pros and cons, and the acceptance of others to work with you in that space – wow. Breakthrough opportunities.

Curiosity: learning, quick.

It ALL starts with curiosity. The TMWK Manifesto begins:

Cultivate – Curiosity

“Our number one value isn’t in any of the skills we have. It’s that we’re essentially curious.” – Jim Coudal via @brainpickings

Curiosity is the kick-start, the pre-requisite. It allows us to move forward, in the footsteps of children. John Pilger had it right: “…the first step is to engender an approach, enable the measurement of distances and walking toward. It is show the possible and potential.”

Curiosity is the muscle to help us manage change. It moves us through and toward…

Polish: likeability, energy.

I “know” many people I have never met. I recommend them to others – I follow them and believe in them – all because they work out loud on their own learning journey, and invite me to participate with them. Their energy and authenticity is infectious. They are leaders. Maybe that is not exactly ‘polish’ – but it is a thing of beauty.

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