Experiencing The Present As An Anticipated Memory

According to Shots of Awe, “the Instagram generation experiences the present as an anticipated memory.”


We actively design what that later memory will be like. We all become artists / architects – we are building our memorial maps.

Is it reality? Well, just what is reality? My earliest memory is sitting on a small chair and kissing my older sister and brother as they left for school. But is it, or was there a photo of that scene, and was that scene described to me?

Many of my childhood memories of family relate to holidays, where there were photos, ones I have reviewed hundreds of times. The difference between then and now is that we now have control of crafting those memories in the moment, and if we don’t like the review, we recreate it again until it is just right.

That seems pretty cool to me. Too many old people ramble on and on about “the good old days,” so why not join them, today?!

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