“Social Business” Is The New “Social Media”

Media may be the new Brand, but it doesn’t mean everyone gets it. Maybe times have changed, but here is a 6-7 word sentence that has failed more often than it has succeeded: “I need budget / resources for social media.”

For some corporate executives it is hard to imagine two more frivolous words / concepts. Social + media = fail.

One way to build muscle and confidence, and circumvent denigration of the MarComms work at hand, in conversation with executives is to reframe it more centrally to the business mandate.

One small, meaningful move is to stop talking about social media and instead talk about social business. The hope, unsurprisingly, is to align social with a more traditional concept of corporate value.social-channels

When I say my team drives social business, rather than manages social media, it feels good. It feels vital, important.

When someone says “I don’t understand social media,” they often wear it as a badge of honour. Would they say the same of “social business”? Less likely.

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