Just What Am I Here To Do…?

When you enter the dark and misunderstood world of change agency, a curtain is parted and you see before you thousands of shiny objects and golden baubles – all of them possibilities. Possibilities to add value, to shake things up, in deepen and improve community, to unlock talent from outmoded ways of organizing.

What to touch? What to play with? It can be intoxicating, and all the more difficult to decide for it.

choicesA Change Agents Worldwide colleague, Kevin Jones, wrote recently about how he defines his service, when there is SO MUCH TO DO! He practiced a few times at a conference – living in perpetual beta! – and got to this:

“Because of technology, the balance of control and power in an organization is shifting from management to the employees. I show companies how to organize to take advantage of this shift rather than be run over by it – because it is happening whether they are ready for it or not.”

Oh, nice one! What are we here doing, working towards the edge of the thinking around “The future of work”?  Of course, seeing a good definition, taut and applied, makes me reflect on my own journey.
What is MY tightly defined focus when there is so much to do and I have so much to offer…? Hmmm.

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