“Open” Is The New “Social.”

As we drive change in our organizations and embrace the future of work – one that is hyperconnected, iterative, conversational, Cluetrained – we butt heads with those who think differently.

Where we desire hyperconnection, they prefer walled gardens. Where we embrace iteration, they follow linearity. Where we converse, they broadcast. Where we jump on the back of the Cluetrain as it rumbles through town, they line up at the airport for the F W Taylor Scientific Management jumbo jet.

Among many points of contention with the others, “Social” is often where we come to blows. For while social implies to us meaty conversation, learning, moving forward, collaborating, innovation; to them it implies vacuity, timewasting, going round in circles, chitchat, emptiness.

Open for businesscrazy

So, a nice work around from Luis Suarez, who has been fighting the good flight for more than a decade in IBM. His approach: call it open business not social business.

Try fighting against that. Is it possible to be against open and/or business?

So. Share is the new save. Media is the new brand. Business is the new media. And open is the new social. What’s next?

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