The “Individual” Is The New “Institution”

Another distinction made by John Hagel in his conversation with Stowe Boyd (after “Learning” Is The New “Efficiency”) is a change of perspective away from individuals adapting to the organization’s requirements, to the organizational requirement to adapt to the (learning) demands of the individual.

“…if you take scalable learning as the key rationale for institutions to exist, then the individual becomes front and center…you can’t learn without individuals taking initiative and you can’t predict the learning that happens through serendipity, or unexpected experiments.”

In the last post I said,

Making organizations about learning (and therefore about people) rather than process is revolutionary. It is very difficult to do. It is also the future of work.


Making organizations about individuals (and therefore about “me”) rather than demand individuals conform to the organization is also revolutionary. It is also very difficult to do. It is also the future of work.

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