“The Edge” Is The New “Core”

Squeezing a single reference article really tight, thrice over, another important point made by Hagel (who is Co-Chair of the Deloitte Center for the Edge) is how organizations must support and reorient around those workers who are at, and who push, the edge. This means embracing a kind of cognitive dissonance: look for those who are moving in new directions, maybe even away from the organization, and seeing if that is your new tomorrow too.



The edge worker is the future of your organization. No more sucking up to the Big Boss and being a Yes (Wo)Man. No more repeating old patterns just with greater efficiency. Do not drag the edge worker to the core – drag the core to the edge (worker). Let the edge worker be the next core worker, and then challenge her/him to move back to the edge – again and again.

Being a sharer, a giver, a learner, an individual, an edge worker – welcome to the X Is The New Y of tomorrow’s organization.

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