Women Are Eating The Music World.

This is a story about #bias#diversity#privilege – and #change.

A few years ago, before I warehoused all my CDs because of I was streaming all my music, I spent some time flipping through the disks and memorializing my purchasing decisions. One thing stuck out – most of my music collection was made by men. My wife’s limited collection was nearly all female artists.

I had never considered why before. Did I have bias, or was it circumstantial – growing up at a time when the cover of NME was always some indie (male) band?

Fast forward to today, and at least 50% of my listening is female artists. I did make a conscious decision to investigate the musical horizon further – my Spotify year in review playlist had a majority of female artists; but it is more than that. Women are taking over the musical landscape.

A recent year in review “best of the best” article got me intrigued. The BBC collated together the top music from various magazines and media outlets to get the Top 21 Albums and Singles of 2021.

Of which:
Female artist – 13
Female / male band – 3
Male band – 1
Male artist – 4

Female artist – 18
Male artist – 2
Male band – 1

This is remarkable. Female artists have eaten the musical world. I wonder if it is because the internet has enabled individuals to interact and access an audience easier. Artists no longer need intermediaries to manage the relationship with the market, which biases towards men (and probably, bands)?

I am sure it is NOT because recently women have started making better music.

This Much We Know.

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