Dis!Organize Ep. 66: Explain Yourself.

Resumes suck, and Aline Lerner has the data to prove it, concluding

“at the end of the day, the resume is a low-signal document.”

 No doubt. A list of where you worked, the titles you held, the qualifications you earned. Very one-dimensional.

What, then, is the high-signal mechanism for understanding an applicant (or indeed, any network participant)?

Turns out, explaining what you do has the biggest correlation with connecting with the right people.

On your resume or CV, or cover letter, according to Lerner this means:

“a concise description of something you worked on recently that you are excited to talk about, as explained to a non-technical audience,”

This is working out loud. Sharing your work openly, attracting interested others towards you. Allowing others to assist. Disorganizers get people to “Yes!”

This Much We Know.

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