Week 10: Line of Sight

The CEO matters to me. I get to work with them closely, either supporting them on projects or, at least, thinking about them and channeling the needs of the organization through the CEO as an avatar.

The personality of the organization is partially reflected in the personality of the CEO. They are sympatico.

This week we got a new CEO.

Different skills, different personality, different drivers, different mindset. Always with a similar outcome in mind, of course. My work is done in the shadows – picking up words, intent, ideas, the feels. Trying to amplify them, align others around them. It can be subtle work, and sometimes with great impact. [Sometimes, it’s just WORDS.]

So here I am, week ten (sometimes it feels like a couple of years in the game). Trying to make a difference. Things move fast, change fast, and I need to too.

This Much We Know.

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