The Future of Work: Defining “Talent”

One of the big intellectual shifts I have made in recent times is that I will not be an “employee” my whole career (writing as someone who had barely an entrepreneurial bone in his body, I had always imagined a corporate life.)

So, I am building muscle as “talent”, and reorienting my professional work around networks and new talent service models. There is some good content about this in the recent Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2013: Leading indicators.

The world of wirearchy via Jon Husband –

Increasingly, we will work in a wirearchy, coming and going via projects and connections, in and out of the enterprise, often running parallel work streams concurrently. In a previous post I compared this to a murmuration. Work will be interesting(!) and employers will look for multi-tenancy talent service offerings. As the Deloitte report states:

“increasingly companies are expanding their talent networks to include “partnership talent” (employees who are parts of joint ventures), “borrowed talent” (employees who are part of contractors or outsourcing relationships), “freelance talent” (independent, individual contractors), and “open source talent” (people who don’t work for you at all, but are part of your value chain and services). This trend will ultimately rewrite what the term “workforce” actually means.”

It is worth pondering which talent type(s) you have to offer, because some day soon, you may have to start hustling it/them…

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