The Future of Work: A Murmuration

Every day, 15 minutes before sunset, a murder of crows thousands strong flies East from downtown Vancouver to ready themselves for the night in Central Park, Burnaby. The daily sight is mesmerizing.

Crows have taken over in the city. Smart, whippet-fast learners, iterative testers, communal, supportive, deeply networked – crows have destroyed the urban population of plodding, blank, beady-eyed pigeons.

As you guessed, I am using this as a metaphor. The future of work demands us to be social, connected, networked, learners. Only if we join, and participate in, a collective, networked intelligence will we prosper.

I will leave it to you to decide who are the pigeons in this scenario.

Don Tapscott has it right. We must come together in a murmuration.

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