Sponsor Disruption 5: Show-Up

The last part of sponsoring disruption is to <Show-Up> differently. It is about showcasing how you have worked through <Model> <Upskill> <Bulk-Up> <Polemicize> and WOW – look at me now!

Prove that it was all worthwhile. By now, you are working differently, networking more, have more knowledge at hand and beyond your fingertips. You are social. Hey, maybe even people like you more (no promises there). You made some bold promises and you delivered them. Now, take it to the proverbial NEXT LEVEL. Yes, it’s that time.


You are the weapon!
You are the weapon!

You have moved through the disruption and are modelling the new normal. Don’t get too comfortable with it, but for a while, live it and show others how to live it too. Showcase where perseverance takes you. MAKE BOLDER PROMISES. Use CAPS lock.

The end game for social in your enterprise is that it might not be your organization any more. Not that they don’t need you, but that the organization will be set up differently, the boundaries between internal and external will increasingly blur as per McKinsey Social Technology report.

This give you an opportunity – to extend your reach. That can be inside the organization (think: cross-functional opportunities as team increasingly self-select and morph). Or inside-outside the company (think: developing into “partnership talent”, “borrowed talent”, “freelance talent”, or “open source talent”). Or, of course, it can mean getting a new job.

Yeh/Gulp. Any which way it happens (and it will happen to most (knowledge) workers in the next few years)…

You. Need. A. Brand.

Now, TMWK has a personal branding approach that kicks ass. You should get one. Nothwithstanding that, develop a mechanism or product that shows your glory – this is NOT a resume / CV. Nothing wrong with them, but nothing right with them either. That will NOT showcase you well enough in the social era. It will not get the next job.

Show up. Big time. Demonstrate what more you can do, how much more you can help. The world needs more of you.

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