You Fiendish Child! Letting The Kids Cut Through Workplace Bullshit

I often used to annoy my mum with my ‘cleverness’ – y’know, glib responses to important questions, portraying her 40-odd years of experience had nothing on a random school playground conversation with a friend.  Very annoying, especially when I was right! “Aaaah, you fiendish child!” she would often retort. It is a term that often now comes to mind when my eldest, Lola, tries on her all-knowingness routine. What goes around, comes around. — When I think about issues and opportunities arising from the discussion around social business and technology and the changing nature of work, I keep searching for something supremely, … Continue reading You Fiendish Child! Letting The Kids Cut Through Workplace Bullshit

The Person To Person Economy: Curiosity

The TMWK Manifesto begins with curiosity – and, if push comes to shove, it could end there too. Curiosity is EVERYTHING. The Manifeto says: Cultivate curiosity. It all begins with curiosity. “Our number one value isn’t in any of the skills we have. It’s that we’re essentially curious.” – Jim Coudal via @brainpickings Curiosity is the kick-start, the pre-requisite. It allows us to move forward, in the footsteps of children. John Pilger had it right: “…the first step is to engender an approach, enable the measurement of distances and walking toward. It is show the possible and potential.” – Extract from article in The Guardian … Continue reading The Person To Person Economy: Curiosity

The Person To Person Economy: Be F.R.E.S.H.

The TMWK brand arose from iterative work. It came from real action, real outcomes – the TMWK BrandBoard process. It came from working out loud trying to effect change in the workplace, to support people build their reputation and explain their individual advantage. Retrospectively, I considered the underlying themes of delivering a personal branding program. I identified five ideas that simply described the output / outcome. They happened to create a neat apronym  – F.R.E.S.H. Fun.Revealing.Entertaining.Shareable+Social.Heartfelt. Now think about how you relate to another person. You meet someone at a party, or a conference, and an outcome is that you connect … Continue reading The Person To Person Economy: Be F.R.E.S.H.

#unSquirrel Manifesto 4: Work Out Loud #WOLyo!

What do we share when we #unSquirrel? Well, at work, our work will do for a start. Working out loud, in the open, is about the gift of knowledge, of assisting others (often unknown) in leveraging your skills and experience and attitude. Where does one begin? Somewhere. Share a project update (as widely as possible). Engage in a conversation about a topic on which you know things, or want to know about. Suggest an idea when no-one ask for it(!) Invite others into a project to help you. Do something. Do the opposite of what so many of us do, … Continue reading #unSquirrel Manifesto 4: Work Out Loud #WOLyo!

#unSquirrel Manifesto 3: Something To Add

The #unSquirrel process is nothing to do with fear and loathing. It is an journey of opening yourself to the world. However, sometimes, you need a place to push off from. Oftentimes, we have been told that our opinions do not count. We have been worn down. #unSquirrel is about drawing a line in the sand, and saying no more. As you share, people will question you, will complain,, they will wonder (out loud) why YOU think YOU are so important. Sometimes, you need an enemy of sorts. ←This Much We Know.→ Continue reading #unSquirrel Manifesto 3: Something To Add

#unSquirrel Manifesto 2: A LOUD Voice

Now we’re talking. The process of #unSquirrel begins by acknowledging, and affirming, that I am important. What percentage of us are willing to say that? It requires us to find and develop our voice. Voice, strong and true. No frog in the throat. No whisper. Clear and true. Finding our perfect pitch. If you practice, your voice gets strong, it gets LOUD, your words become insistent. This is teh beginning of change in your life, in your team, in your network. ←This Much We Know.→ Continue reading #unSquirrel Manifesto 2: A LOUD Voice

#unSquirrel Manifesto 1: It Is About POWER.

Why is it important to share, to #unSquirrel? Because we are all important. The knowledge, experience, perspectives we have all add value. I am heavily influenced by the pithy epiphanies of gapingvoid. The ‘empowerment’ art captures the Gack! feeling about  that term. Empowerment has been corrupted by HR – something the organization enables in us. No. the em and the ment are not required. This is about POWER yo. Power to the people. I am powerful. Say that sentence out loud. It sounds good. ←This Much We Know.→ Continue reading #unSquirrel Manifesto 1: It Is About POWER.

The #unSquirrel Manifesto

Everyone needs a manifesto. My own is the TMWK Manifesto that I shared here when I started the blog. It really does guide me in the work I produce and the thinking process. The TMWK Manifesto is mine, but are there others that can be given away? This one is a #WorkOutLoud process. I expanded on my #unSquirrel series of posts – of sharing more, even the minutiae, within your networks. I will go write a little on each of these in the next few posts. Today, here is the visual… ←This Much We Know.→ Continue reading The #unSquirrel Manifesto

Manifestos…To Understand: Responsive Org

As with yesterday’s Manifesto of the Cloud, the Responsive Org Manifesto is less one to live by as to understand. The shifting sands of organizational design and experience behooves any worker who wants to remain relevant and politically successful in their organization to ‘get the future.’ I happen to know some of the #ResponsiveOrg crew, and their mission is a meaningful one. They understand that technology will only get you so far. The technology is already available to fundamentally change organizations (for the better!) This technology flattens hierarchies, creates live and living communities of practice that can start up and dissolve … Continue reading Manifestos…To Understand: Responsive Org