#unSquirrel Manifesto 4: Work Out Loud #WOLyo!

What do we share when we #unSquirrel? Well, at work, our work will do for a start.

Working out loud, in the open, is about the gift of knowledge, of assisting others (often unknown) in leveraging your skills and experience and attitude.

Where does one begin? Somewhere. Share a project update (as widely as possible). Engage in a conversation about a topic on which you know things, or want to know about. Suggest an idea when no-one ask for it(!) Invite others into a project to help you. Do something. Do the opposite of what so many of us do, privatise and obfuscate.


It is a big step to take, often into the unknown, but as you gain small wins, nods of encouragement, you will bulk up quickly. Mistakes will be made but sloughed off, like a snake’s skin. Your influence will increase, marginally but continually. You will slowly become a person of note (hopefully a positive…)

←This Much We Know.→

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