The Person To Person Economy: Curiosity

The TMWK Manifesto begins with curiosity – and, if push comes to shove, it could end there too. Curiosity is EVERYTHING. The Manifeto says:

Cultivate curiosity. It all begins with curiosity.

“Our number one value isn’t in any of the skills we have. It’s that we’re essentially curious.”

– Jim Coudal via @brainpickings

Curiosity is the kick-start, the pre-requisite. It allows us to move forward, in the footsteps of children.

John Pilger had it right:

“…the first step is to engender an approach, enable the measurement of distances and walking toward. It is show the possible and potential.”

– Extract from article in The Guardian (1997?)

Curiosity is the muscle to help us manage change. It moves us through and toward…

#CuriousKidsOften, my context is kids. Watching my kids grow, I get a front row seat on curious by default. Magnificent. I try to (un/re)learn from theirs. I try to rebuild that curiosity muscle; I try to reformat my curiosity mainframe.

Curiosity is everything, because it starts with the beginning and goes all the way to the end:

  • A walk up the road is resplendent with flowers and smells and cracks in the path. It leads to a brown field in-fill home I want to live in.
  • A handshake is an exploration of hope and strength and fear and confidence. I sense we will work together because of that.
  • A conversation leads to an internet search that uncovers a thought leader who becomes a friend. I change my perspective and become a more valuable network connection.
  • A deep breath and an empty house and a moment of quiet when everything stands still. I stare at the ceiling. My mind flushes out and fills at quantum scale. I hear a small “Aha!”

Each of these curious moments, and the millions of others available, are personal. This is toe-to-toe (competition); (seeing) eye-to-eye; hand-to-hand (combat); mouth-to-mouth (resuscitation); heart-to-heart (conversation); this is human-to-human.

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