2015 Goals: Eat Less Crap

I have decided to cut the crap for a year. Friends and colleagues, calm down. I don’t mean there will be less bullshit in 2015, likely the opposite.

In my work, I am looking more keenly at what it means to connect and commune. I expect my writing, work, creative process will get more iterative and internal; parsing ideas through my own experience, then sharing for what it is worth, person-to-person. There will be plenty of bullshit and nonsense appearing along the way.

No, I will be eating less crap food in 2015. I will take a whole year away from desserts, cakes, sweets. Why? Well, for the obvious health, weight benefits. But really, because it slows me down, it makes me lazy, it is a lowest common denominator input to my life. I never crave sweets, I never buy them, and yet when lying around, I can happily munch away, unconsciously, arbitrarily, distractedly.

It is a waste of calories, money, energy. I need to work harder in 2015 than I have ever done: doughnuts do not help flex curiosity muscle. They instead soothe intellectual intrigue, they make it go away. Doughnuts keep boredom at bay too, and boredom breeds breakthrough.

I raise a glass to curiosity and boredom in 2015. But no doughnuts. Follow my progress here.


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