#PKyvr33 Day 9: Hashtags As Memes

Yesterday, I shared that I want to create a few opportunities for memories for the audience. I find #Hashtags as a useful synthesis of an idea – to focus MY attention, so that I might focus others’. I can rattle on about this and that, but the constraint of pecha kucha forces behaviour, and it might be the most important area to focus on, assuming the content itself is worthy of presenting… So, here is a working list of hashtags I am using to synthesize the presentation process: #WorkLife: Share something grounded very much in the daily experience of work … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 9: Hashtags As Memes

The Person To Person Economy: Curiosity

The TMWK Manifesto begins with curiosity – and, if push comes to shove, it could end there too. Curiosity is EVERYTHING. The Manifeto says: Cultivate curiosity. It all begins with curiosity. “Our number one value isn’t in any of the skills we have. It’s that we’re essentially curious.” – Jim Coudal via @brainpickings Curiosity is the kick-start, the pre-requisite. It allows us to move forward, in the footsteps of children. John Pilger had it right: “…the first step is to engender an approach, enable the measurement of distances and walking toward. It is show the possible and potential.” – Extract from article in The Guardian … Continue reading The Person To Person Economy: Curiosity

The Person To Person Economy: #unSquirrel

The #unSquirrel Manifesto and approach is simplistic: share, without too much thought, what you know, with whomsoever you know. The more you share, the wider and deeper will be your network of influence and support, the more you will (un/re)learn. Sharing is not about perfection and earth-shattering content – #unSquirrel is not high falutin’ journalism or activism. It is about delivering on this thought: maybe there is someone who might find this interesting. Person to person, how much simpler could it be? Is an audience of one sufficient? It depends on what you are trying to achieve, right? If you read Seth … Continue reading The Person To Person Economy: #unSquirrel

The Person To Person Economy: #RelentlessHumanity

Amongst all the intellectual stimulation and thought leadership LEADERSHIP(!) in the (closed) Change Agents Worldwide network, where I am privy to a daily onslaught of deep and meaningful, progressive and revolutionary, exciting and scary discourse, there is one thing that shines through so bright that it blinds – the community’s unending and unerring humanity. Once or twice a day, reading the flow of intent and insight,  I want to comment along the lines of “How wonderfully humane of you…” (versus, thankfully, “Oh, the humanity!”) I have learned so much in the last three years from people sharing their knowledge freely … Continue reading The Person To Person Economy: #RelentlessHumanity

A Personal Commitment To The Person To Person Economy

This week I was involved in an online conversation with fellow CAWWers, including the inimitable Luis Suarez, concerning Sharing Economy services such as AirBnB and Uber, and Luis made this point: It’s more down to P2P, right? As in People … Continue reading A Personal Commitment To The Person To Person Economy