COVID Diaries Week 18: How Can I Help?

Some fascinating HBR research from the front line of #WFH business continuity:

  • MORE COMMUNICATION, please and thank you. Employees need clarity.
  • REDUNDANT communication – more channels, more time on the channels. Leaders need to free up their schedule to talk with their teams – strategy, workflows, tactics, check-ins.
  • Need some leadership advice or coaching?
  • What about messaging and communication rhythms?
  • Simple storylines that engage and connect people remotely?
  • Review /audit your culture work – including how to onboard and create brand ambassadors?
  • Social technology support – how to unlock value through Teams / Slack / Yammer / Enterprise Social Networks…?

I have time on my hands right now! Happy to offer some ad hoc consultancy with teams and organizations which are feeling a little stretched or threadbare.

I can pick up some of the bandwidth; inject some creative energy into the work; or reorient processes and expectations. Here to help.

Let’s talk!

This Much We Know.

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