Everyone, Anytime, Everywhere, Anything*

Where to begin?

OK, well, this is a data dump. It might even be a love letter. It is about a group of people who have helped me be better at work, more productive, more urgent, more optimistic, more open. That should be enough more

Have you ever felt, well, lonely?

Maybe you are the Tim Berners-Lee of your organization. Maybe not.

You read Cluetrain. More than that, you actually boarded the train!

Others whisper about your missionary zeal.

You tell people – anyone – that what we know to be true and “valuable” is no longer…

You have URGENCY! The word that most resonates: ACT!

All the talking, the SHOUTING, the wailing and gnashing of teeth…all of it brings you – miraculously –  into coexistence with a special creature.

This special someone points you in the right direction. Suddenly, you are an adventurer, an explorer! #Nansen

More than that, you find yourself a regular drop-in member of John Maeda’s jazz ensemble

Mysterious messages and connections reveal themselves to you

A sudden stumble? Hmmm, what was it that John Cage said? Dig out that well-worn piece of paper! Fall down seven times, stand up eight!

Setbacks are embraced.  You see growth everywhere.

Now fully in the zone, that magical creature leads a round of Three Cheers. Everyone joins in: “Hiphip…hooray, hooray, HOORAY!”

Risk? What risk? You laugh in the face of risk!

The work is so important, so meaningful…it is equivalent to a big promotion and the corner office.

You are ready: for everyone, anytime, everywhere, anything.

To all the leaders and learners of the community management / customer success management world, fellow travelers all, I salute you.

*Alternate Title: Last night, a CSM saved my life.

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