Dis!Organize Ep. 81: People Before Potatoes.

I deployed my first cloud technology solution 10 years ago, to replace an old, creaking piece of tech. 

In the process, I helped get IT to enter the twenty-first century, and the leadership team to jump a generation or two in how they connected with colleagues.

I joined a cohort of evangelists who were proselytizing a new future of corporate tech. In the process, however, we all created big problems for ourselves as our organizations creaked under the change we delivered. 

In that process, I learned a big lesson:

Do not be the agent for technology change. It gets the whole learning and change process back to front.

Be, instead, the agent for people – colleagues, friends, partners – to live a better (work) tomorrow.

In Life, The Universe, And Everything, Douglas Adams presciently advises, 

“It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.”  

It is a message for the disorganizer. People before potatoes.

This Much We Know.

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