Dis!Organize Ep. 46: Go Public II (ESN).

Last episode I complained about email’s inability to scale. 

It is good one-to-one; but there are always missed opportunities to connect the right people with the right content; oftentimes, that means new people, network connections.

@elsua developed his career by bravely moving his work and conversations into online, open spaces such as twitter and enterprise social networks.

Your ESN is a special place for ideas to ferment and catalyse into actions. 

Share widely your disorganizer projects, find fellow travellers who are excited by the same practices and who can help you get there faster.

Guaranteed, in many of those endeavours, it will be strangers who help; or at least people with unexpected skills and interests.

Stop thinking you

  • a) can do it alone; and 
  • b) that you have to always work within the parameters of the delineated org chart. 

Disorganizers bravely go public with their work and interests, and let the network in through technology.

This Much We Know.

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