Day One IG Post

The day one IG post has become a core component of #onboarding and employer brand shenanigans.

It is shorthand for the impact we can have on people’s (work) lives from the first moment of interaction, and across the entire employee lifecycle to them becoming ‘alumni.’

I like it. I get it. I often ask “how do you talk about work when you meet someone at the pub and they ask “What do you do?”THAT is what we need to model, manage, influence.

Godin talks about culture as “people like us who do things like this.” Agree.

Do we care? Do we go that little bit further? Do we imagine another’s experience and seek to take them further along the employer value chain?

With that in mind, I appreciate that when I finally got to visit the office after 2 months, Melissa had placed a corporate branded mug with a message of intent. It is us creating a social object for ourselves. Something around which to orient, a shorthand we can use to get on the same page.

I put it on Instagram.

Now you know what kind of people I work with; what kind of company it is. It’s that kind of place. Where you work, what’s your way to get on the same page and say to a colleague “you are welcome here – let’s do this thing!”?

This Much We Know.

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