COVID Diaries Week 39: I Hate Masks.

Anyone who wears glasses will feel me when I say I hate wearing a mask. Not because I think COVID-19 is a hoax. (Duh!) I support the simple and effective health protection approach.

My glasses just steam up when I am walking and/or speaking.

As I have been either unemployed or working from home the entire pandemic period, and due to the fact that I never go shopping and stick religiously to the rules about fraternization, I hardly ever need to wear a mask.

I basically only go out into public to walk the dog, and therefore avoid humankind at a distance.

However, this week I had to go to work to coordinate an event for a few hours. There were 5 of us in our large office, all physically distanced. However, I must have touched my mask 300 times in the day as I moved it this way and that to try to unsteam my glasses.

The “don’t touch your face” campaign is 100% failure around me. I notice on my Zoom calls just how often I touch my face: hand under chin, scratching my nose, pulling at an ear, rubbing my eyes. It is a disease!

If COVID was found to be passed through touch, I would be dead, for sure.

Be well everyone!

This Much We Know.

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