COVID Diaries Week 40: Tradition.

Do you know why we build gingerbread houses at Christmas? I have no idea – probably something we stole from the Germans, who seems to be behind a lot of Yuletide tradition. Well, we have three built in the house, and no touching until Christmas Eve, apparently!

I wonder if all these Christmas traditions – from which is seems tough to extract yourself – are part of a deep-seated need to stay busy during the depressing winter months. I understand the bright lights hung up – we have slowly moved over the years from Christmas tree lights in the living room to strings of lights on the balcony, now to ladling them on to the tree in our front yard.

Our neighbours do the same. You can see our street from space at night time. Maybe it’s a way to disguise the grow-up in the basement.

It keep us busy all December, and by us I mean Lori. It’s basically a full-time job she takes on, volunteering her time to the family.

Apparently, all the Christmas trees in Vancouver are sold out. People need something to focus on during COVID. We have time on our hands, I guess.

Personally, this time of year is about the cheer of community. A couple of beers, a silly hat or sweater, being close to others and over eating together. Plenty of sleep. No-one needs presents. The present is the gift of sanity, health, ticking over in crazy days. I wish it for you all.

This Much We Know.

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