Dis!Organize Ep. 92: Be F.R.E.S.H.

Corporate life can confine. It is like a straitjacket. Everything is so serious. Professionalism has sucked the life out of the human experience of work.

We should fight back, seek to inject a tiny piece of humanity into our work whenever we can.

My own approach is to be F.R.E.S.H.: fun, revealing, entertaining, shareable & social, heartfelt.

FRESH is a mantra for me, to remind myself that I live in a person-to-person economy. We must connect at the individual level; and build out from there networks of humans.

This is my approach. Find your own. It does not matter what ethos you have, but make it real and honest; and make it so that others can accept it and embrace it for themselves.

If you want to disorganize, others need to say “Yes!” too.

This Much We Know.

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