The Purpose of Networking And How It Can Improve Your Work / Life #WOLweek

A message to colleagues in my company today…

Back story
Until about 5 years ago, I thought I had to do it all on my own – that I had to take full ownership of an idea or a project; that its success was solely down to my own initiative, knowledge or skill. Then, I discovered ‘social’ – media, tools, techniques and, mostly, networks.

These networks have connected me far and wide – within them I am closely and/or loosely connected with practitioners, thought leaders, fellow travelers around the globe. It doesn’t matter what topic, hobby, interest I have – I can source ideas, solutions, inputs or outputs, almost always with kindness and support in close companion.

These networks – and my embrace of asking for help within them – have developed me as a person, as a leader, and as a professional. In these networks comes my richest learning. It feels like I have 100s of teammates rooting for me and supporting me to move forward in my career.

Working out loud
One such network connection I have is John Stepper. John is a MD at Deutsche Bank in New York, and he has written a book on leveraging networks to get ahead in life.

His website is where he writes about helping people build their network and career, and where he has details of a 12-week program he has developed to support people taking ACTION on this.

Recently John wrote about an event he ran where half of the audience signed up for one of these 12-week working out loud circles.

In the article he wrote:

“I described how most people play career roulette, and how we can all do better now. I told stories of people who work out loud and wound up making their own luck, enjoying each day a bit more while discovering new possibilities. Then I talked about how the key is changing our habits and how Working Out Loud circles could help them.

Working Out Loud circles are empowering. They give people control over their network, their learning, and their access to opportunities.

Would people at your organization benefit from getting help with their career?

Circles are a free, self-organizing, distributed way to increase employee engagement while equipping employees to build networks inside and outside the firm. At the same time, they help people develop their digital collaboration skills, something that benefits both the individual and the firm.

Someone has to help the people at your firm experience a better career and life. Why not you?”
–end quote–

This week is International Working Out Loud week.

Working out loud circle
John has a brave goal to set up 1000 WOLcircles around the globe…It got me to thinking that maybe I could run a session here in the Vancouver office – I am a student of this approach, and I have good digital collaboration skills…

So, long story short…see if anyone wants to join me in a 12-week adventure? John suggests 4-5 people form a group, so I guess I am looking for that many brave adventurers!

(oh, and BTW, John’s definition of working out loud is different to my experiment of working out loud under the stairs last year, so no fear that you will be exposed like that!)

If you are interested, ping me directly.

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