Dis!Organize Ep. 91: Trust.

How does a network of people who are unrelated, who have never met, where there is no commercial prearrangement, work? 

The best results arrive when people approach the network with an open mind and an open heart, participating with the expectation that others will do likewise (similar to the Prisoner’s Dilemma…)

Successful networks showcase that we need to learn (or relearn) to trust others

If you are sceptical of this idea, you will not survive the future of work.

More poignantly, I realize, this trust starts with ourselves. We must learn to trust that our own participation adds value within the network. 

If you are scared of this idea, you need to get over yourself.

We need to move toward others, arms out wide, asking “How can I help?” If we do this, there WILL be people on the other side of the embrace;  people who WILL reciprocate. Disorganizers must trust.

This Much We Know.

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