Dis!Organize Ep. 87: Sense. Act. Change.

You are asked to drive a new initiative in the org – new tech, behaviours, community practices. 

You seek adoption. But! People are change averse. So here comes the change management plan, that educates and directs.

However, 80% of change programs fail (80:20); and 90% of everything is crap (Sturgeon’s Law)!

Change Agent Simon Terry has another idea. He suggests we get to change through actionAs we act, we sense what is working and how, and change is the natural outcome.

It is a generous, enabling and trust building approach. 

Understanding what you are trying to achieve, you “act as if…” and in so doing you create change in the culture. 

As Terry says,

“Others see the practice and the benefits and are encouraged to copy and reinforce them. Over time this consistent practice and the community it builds does more to change the organization than posters, videos and CEO speeches.”

Disorganizers take action. They use their sense-making skills to observe and review. They make change happen.

This Much We Know.

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