Dis!Organize Ep. 32: Sturgeon’s Law.

The science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon famously said:

Ninety percent of everything is crap,” …

This became known as Sturgeon’s Law, and it is applied to the advantage of the disorganizer.

Everyone else makes outsize promises about their work, they ask for the big budgets and large teams. 

Still, they fail in their plans and quests…90% of the time.

We all know it to be true. 

How often do we say of an organizational project, product, roll-out or strategy, 

“Nailed it!”? 

Maybe 10% of the time, right?

The disorganizer, however, avoids this hubris. Fail forward with intent. Challenges all assumptions. Share and get feedback. 

Place small bets; and join the dots accordingly.

So what is 90% of everything is crap!?

The disorganizer embraces Sturgeon’s Law.

No sweat.

This Much We Know.

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