Dis!Organize Ep. 58: Everyone, Anytime, Everywhere, Anything.

The designer Bruce Mau shared his Incomplete Manifesto for Growth 20 years ago.

 It is a work that every disorganizer needs. My favourite proclamation therein:

Begin Anywhere.

OK then, I will.

The most exciting outcome of social media and so-called social business is that the political, commercial, social, philosophical conversation opened up, many to many, any to any, in all directions.

That conversation is for everyone, at any time, everywhere, about anything.

This is our opportunity. There is nothing out of scope.

Whatever it is that is on your mind, there are people out there waiting to hear from you, to join you on your quest. To make a difference. To disorganize and change the world.

Everyone, anytime, everywhere, anything.

(or…Anyone – every time – anywhere – everything.)

Now is the time.

This Much We Know.

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