COVID Diaries Week 24: I Miss You

A bigger overhang to our lives since COVID lock down than unemployment has been the health and wellness of our elderly parents, each of the three having been admitted to hospital at some point in the last few months with non-COVID health challenges.

It is times like these when you feel a long way away from loved ones…

So we finally got on a plane to see two of the three, in Ontario and Quebec. No hugging, lots of hand washing, no agenda. Just hanging out with loved ones. My Dad died when Lola was two and before Zoe was born, and it bugs her to this day that she never met Grandad.

Family is part of the solution to get us through this crazy time. Family provides a red thread through our life, it keeps us sane and centred.

The kids wrote cards saying I Miss You, and we have been able to hand deliver some of them. Going to the UK is still a step too far, with 14-day quarantine on both sides. We persevere.

This Much We Know.

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