Dis!Organize Ep. 57: Work Backwards.

I was reading Scott Anthony’s Little Book of Innovation. He defines innovation as: something different that has impact.

Sounds like a disorganizer’s credo…

One of his ideas that really resonated with me was about working backwards:

Start with an answer and then work backwards to map out assumptions that would need to be true for that answer to be plausible.”

“Work backwards”

Uncover a desire, unlock a learning, scan for an opportunity, align your ducks…only then, work out what it might mean, how to impart its power.

Not everything needs to be ‘strategic.’ Produce something ‘cold’ to gauge reaction and learn about the process. Then, we go and sell (a version of) it. Then, we move to project sponsorship and production. 

If we are agile and opportunistic, and cut ourselves some slack, disorganizers will unlock value.

Tomorrow is another day.


Example of working backwards…we mocked up a culture wall, gerry-rigged a digital display, hosted open houses, ran pecha kucha sessions – all for input and creative stretch. We grow strong through experimentation.

This Much We Know.

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