COVID Diaries Week 22: Craft.

I have finished my 100-part video series, Dis!Organize.

I had to learn how to do the end-to-end recording process – audio and video. I had to get the right apps in place that produced something I was happy with. One I experimented with initially could not flip the video if it had text overlays. I got very frustrated and it took me a whole week to get everything aligned before I recorded a single episode.

Then I had to create the right YouTube thumbnail, which required another app and experimentation so I could craft 100 images that held together as a whole but also with some differentiation. Canva.

Finally, I did a series of quote images for future social use. All experimenting, learning, doing my best.

Now I am thinking about the book version. How do I want a page to look like; What vibe do I want from the book cover?

I approach the process humbly. I have a decent visual sensibility, better than my execution of the creative arts, where my impatience gets the better of me. I am an 80:20 practitioner.

However, what a delightful opportunity to practice my craft, to get better! My learning zone is fully open and welcomes me anew every day.

We move forward.

This Much We Know.

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