COVID Diaries Week 21: Travel Restrictions

We have been dealing well with the pandemic. Physical distancing, minimising social gatherings – all good. We take our community role seriously, and all 4 of us are pretty happy in our own bubble.

It is summer time and people are taking staycation and local holidays in B.C. No-one wants to get on a plane and go somewhere exotic, because there is an exotic virus awaiting them there.

For us, though, we have a conundrum – all our family are far, far away, and we have three aged parents that we miss; and about whom we worry. The pandemic might get any or all of them.

So, we keep talking about getting on a plane to see them, in some kind of weird close but not too close manner. For me, this means going international, and currently there are 14 day quarantines on either end.

We feel a bit lost. Being off work and school for 4-5 months, we had the time to go. But not the mechanism nor clear direction on how to execute. This is our grey zone, and there is no end in sight.

This Much We Know.

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